When it comes to increasing sales in the Midwest, you don't need a rainmaker. You need the Great Lakes Effect.

With Great Lakes Sales & Marketing, the forecast for outsourcing success is 100 percent accurate. Specializing in the industrial, safety, construction, material handling and environmental markets, Great Lakes creates a seamless addition to your sales team with proven effectiveness.

A limited number of lines — combined with commitment to technical expertise — allows us to take your product to market in a way that makes outsourcing the perfect complement to your program. We know the market, we have the customer relationships, and we help build your brand throughout the process.

Product know-how with a can-do spirit

Distributors throughout the Midwest look to Great Lakes reps for detailed knowledge of not only products, but standards and regulations that drive sales. And end-users respect us for our focus on audits and evaluations as a problem-solving process that benefits their business. We go the extra mile to know your products and your industry, and that commitment pays off in sales performance.

Service after the sale builds brand preference

Once the sale closes, Great Lakes commits to the carry-through that raises the wall against competitive products. Whether it's technical training, on-site visits and evaluations or professionally tailored group presentations, we make it easier for distributors and end-users to spec your brand, often at a premium.

Put your brand in good hands with Great Lakes Sales & Marketing

Making numbers in today's competitive environment is tough. For many manufacturers, outsourcing sales is the perfect path to record-setting results. If you're interested in changing the Midwest business climate for your products, give us a call at (847) 298-2700 or email us. We'd like the opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Great Lakes Effect.

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"Our goal is to be a valuable resource to manufacturers and distributors, solving problems at the end-user level."
Mike Stephens
Partner — CPMR, QSSP
Great Lakes Sales & Marketing

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